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Abdomen PBM Irradiator

Guts! 80% of the immune cells. Start from your guts for your healthy body.
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Technology: Application of photobiological technology optimized for changes in human tissue cells, involving photon intensity, spectrum, spectral irradiance, and power density (W/cm²)
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  • Abdomen PBM Irradiator is registered as a medical device by the USFDA.

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    ISO 13485

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    USA Medical
    510k exempted

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  • Whole Body Photobiomodulation Chamber

- Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a medical term that summarizes the process of activating blood, lymphatic circulation, nerve cells, ATP, and NO in the human body by a specific light source.

- This keyword was registered in December 2016 as a major keyword for future therapeutic methods in the MeSH (Medical Subject Headings) of the National Institutes of Health in the United States.

- Only products designed and manufactured according to the principles of photobiology (1,2) can be called Photobiomodulation (PBM).

Applicable Ranges
  • Abdomen/waist line management

  • Back pain

  • Women’s health care/management

Abdominal obesity
Activating beneficial bacteria in the intestines improves circulation.
When circulation improves, hands and feet become warmer.
Comfortable guts

Abdomen PBM Irradiator

  • 복부 PBM Irradiator
  • 복부 PBM Irradiator
  • 복부 PBM Irradiator
  • 복부 PBM Irradiator

Standards and Specification

Abdomen PBM


input: 110V ~ 230V 50 ~ 60Hz Output 12V 5A


Total 380g


Length 40cm, Width 20cm, Thickness 6mm



Light irradiation intensity

set of 8 steps

Irradiation applied range

abdomen, waist, shoulders, pelvis, knee

Wavelength spectrum


Chip quantity

544 total


8 levels of pulse sign selected based on diseases. Dr.Paul Nogier frequencies

Pad Material

Medical Optical Silicone