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Hue-Light Whole Body Photobiomodulation

Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy

Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy

Applied Optimized Mechanism to fit to the changes in the cell tissues
Photon IntensitySpectral IrradianceOperating Output (W/cm2)

  • Blood Circulation,
  • Cell Restoration,
  • Activate Mitochondria,
    ATP Synthesis,
    Nitric Oxide (NO)
  • Increas ebody
  • Maintain
  • Increase body

Disclaimer : Out of all devices introduced in this website, even if they have been registered as medical devices, the treatment effect would vary by individuals. In addition, most of the contents and information provided have been evidenced by the clinical research and scientific articles for just providing such information to the public. There is no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary.

100% Made in Korea

Hue Light Technology

Hue Light has contributed many years in researching, developing
and manufacturing next generation healthcare devices applying
photobiomodulation (PBM). Hue Light’s immune care devices -
including whole-body PBM chamber, personal PBM irradiators,
and molecular hydrogen inhalation device are exported worldwide.

Hue Light WB-PBM

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What is Photobiomodulation ?

It is a term that summons the aiding process of cellular reproduction
and blood circulation by the particular wavelength of light source.
This keyword has been presented in December 2016 as a future
clinical method in the medical subject headings (MeSH) by the
United States’ National Institute of Health (NIH).


Reference: Ying-Ying Huang, Pawel Miroz, & Michael R. Hamblin. “Basic Photomedicine.” Harvard Medical School

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Whole-body PBM Chamber

Prodcut Color


WATCH Whole-body PBM Therapy Video

Dr. Nogier Frequencies System

8-Level Programmable Care Function

Customizable Frequencies

Setting based on your body constitution and your condition

Healthy Management via Smart APP

All-in-1 APP from remote control to client management

Simultaneous treatment

Whole-body PBM &
Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy

Fast synergistic effect
without any side-effects

Whole body to improve circulation
(blood, hormones)
PBM therapy and strong antioxidant activity
Molecular hydrogen inhalation
therapy at the same time

Molecular Hydrogen ▶
Inhalation Device (H-2000)

Powerful Antibiotic Agent

Molecular Hydrogen
Inhalation Device (H-2000)

At the time of inhaling the hydrogen,
hydrogen gas rapidly spreads to the respiratory
organs, the nose, the eyes, the brain,
the blood vessels, other organs as well as
penetrate into the bones and act as a powerful antibiotic agent.

It acts to revert back the oxidized cells and
reduce excessive reactive oxygen species
(ROS) generated during the cell reproduction.

Many normal cells are attacked by
the excessive ROS generated as an anticancer
treatment side-effects or due to autoimmune diseases.

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Chronic Fatigue
Lung Function
Brain Function
Brain Rest & MORE

Hydrogen 2 : Oxygen 1

High capacity Average 2,170CC/min

10 minutes of inhaling Hydrogen = 12 tons of drinking Hydrogen water

Research Studies on
Hydrogen inhalation therapy

CLICK to read

100% Made in Korea

Molecular Hydrogen Inhalation Device

H - 2000

WATCH Hydrogen Inhalation Therapy Video
Inhaling Hydrogen while sleeping

Helps with insomnia (sleeplessness), eases/reduces snoring, & enable deep sleep

studying Inhaling Hydrogen while

Increases concentration, enhances the brain functions, relieves the fatigue, & balances the immune system

working Inhaling Hydrogen while

Increases concentration, increases work efficiency, optimizes outcomes, & relieves stress and fatigue

Exemption clause: Out of all devices introduced in this website, even if they have been registered as medical devices, the treatment effect would vary by individuals.

Concurrent PBM and Hydrogen Therapy

Hue Light’s Immune Care

It is much effective when the illnesses are
managed through the whole-body care.
Whole-body PBM chamber provides
sufficient energy for the body to

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Competitive immunity Era, Immunity Care through PBM

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